Path of Exile News A BCZ Site about Path of Exile Mon, 09 Apr 2018 08:29:40 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Path Of Exile Detailed Gameplay Mon, 09 Apr 2018 08:29:40 +0000 pathofexile Continue reading ]]> Characters and heroes of the game.

There are 6 main characters in the game, each of which contains 3 different types of Classes while Scion can be found in Act 3.

Each character has its own characteristic. For example, my personal experience of the Ranger character was a key figure in most games of this genre, but it is called Archer. This character enjoys a large number of skills in addition to the speed of strikes and speed of movement in addition to escape skills.


Skill Points

One of the most important features that impressed me in the game is the skill tree. It is a very special system where the game gives you a point whenever you raise the level of character and you must open a point of your choice in the skills tree.

The skill tree has thousands of skill points that you can choose from alternately for your character.

To learn more about the Skill Tree and build skills from this page you can try adding and learning skill points (Skill Tree)


The game consists of 4 types of Magic in purple, Rare in yellow, Unique in red, Normal in white. It is the lowest quality in Normal / Magic in blue magic, which is the highest degree of Normal / Rare in yellow and is the highest quality of the Magic / Unique is the orange is the highest quality in the game and the most beautiful.

Each piece contains a so-called socket and the color and number of sockets vary in each piece. You can change the number of Sockets and Luna in the Widgets of the so-called ORB.

Skills & Gem

There are three types of gym in the game. (Red / Green / blue). The IC is installed in the item pieces inside the Socket of the same color. Each gem role in some of them is the addition of skills or skill, some of which is suport gem This type of Gem is the role of the assistance of other chemicals within the segment of the images.

Keyboard shortcuts and control mode

You can change the control buttons in the game through the game settings. Scales 1,2,3,4,5. The use of blood bottles and manna Q, W, E, R, T

S – List of Friends / Create a team or Barty / Watch and join the teams or Barty “People do the same tasks”
U – to open the map and identify the required tasks within the map currently in place
Tab – to explore the map in place
O or Esc – to open the game settings to control the quality of graphics / control of the gameplay and change and a lot of control settings
i – Open the bag
Z – Show and hide the names of pieces of Items lying on the ground
P – Skill Tree Skill Tree
C – Personal presentation of strengths and capabilities
B – matches pvp
M – Shop Game Shop.
$ – Code of Funds You can write after pressing Inter to write in a sales conversation between players

Tasks and discovery maps

Discover the map. Open the WAYPOINT points. The following image explains the mission map.

WAYPOINT – A travel point that allows you to travel within the game from one place to another

This is for basic maps in the game. But there are very many maps are collected from the level of 60 These maps known as Atlas maps of the world and are very many different and difficult and advantages.

Request help in ending difficult tasks

One of the most important features I saw in the game is the possibility of entering with other players to carry out difficult missions or to kill the big monsters


This is one of the most important things that impressed me in the game, it does not distinguish very much between those who pay money and those who do not pay. They do not sell Items definitively !! You can only buy through their shop or skin shapes to change the shape of clothes, weapons or buy a pet

To open the store press M

For more information about the store and the introduction, you can access the official game page from here


ORB stones are the currency in the game in which you can buy items or exchange items with other players through Chat Trade. You can get them from the monsters or work farm .. Here we will review the types of ORBs stones and functions.

Chaos Orb
The official currency in the game is number one. the most wanted. You can replace them by cutting the Items symbolized in Trade C. It is used to get new stats for cutting Items

Exalted Orb
Symbolized in the game EX is the strongest currency in the game you can buy it from other players. But the ban is worth a lot of 85 Chaos Orb PoE. It is used to upload RARE statistics. It is the best to prepare a distinctive Items

Blessed Orb
2 You can get it for Chaos Orb, which specializes in raising the efficiency of iTunes and adjust its settings.

Divine Orb
Distinctive to enhance the efficiency of blue, magic or RARE or Unique

Jeweller’s Orb
Change the number of Sockets in the Item (luck stroke) from 1 to 6

Orb of Alteration
It changes the plugins and statistics of the type of magic

Orb of Chance
Uploads it’s type to magic, RARE or Unique with some additions

Orb of Fusing
It converts the bonding path between the gem and is very useful for placing a suport gem that helps other gems

Orb of Scouring
You delete all additions from iTunes and restore to Normal

Regal Orb
To increase the efficiency of the blue-type of the magic type to RARE and add new statistics

Orb of Regret
Make you have the ability to restore skill points

Chromatic Orb
Specializing in changing the color of Sukit in all kinds of Itmz.

Blacksmith’s Whetstone
Raise the quality of the weapon. You can add on weapons to raise quality. Up to 20%

Armorer’s Scrap
Raise the quality of the Armors type Armour you can add on the clothes to raise the quality. Up to 20%

The most important features of the game Path of Exile Online

  • Graphic and graphics of an unbelievably high quality.
  • The most powerful reincarnation games of characters type online
  • System of competition between PVP players. You can play 1 against 1 or 3 against 3
  • Different levels of difficulty challenge players
  • Chat / alliance / Barty / friends / missions wonderful and varied / Event
  • Many different and different things that distinguish between this game and the other games of the same kind
  • 6 different characters in addition to 3 different classes for each character
  • Buying and selling ITEMS and succession through the Chat for sale
  • Download the whole game and play for free without any fees

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Changes In The Path Of Exile Trap System Mon, 09 Apr 2018 08:10:49 +0000 pathofexile Continue reading ]]> Recently, the developers of the action / RPG Path of Exile told fans of the project about a major update, which will significantly change the various skills. Thus, skills rarely used by players will be recycled or new mechanics will be acquired, which will allow them to “breathe a second life into them.”


In the new issue of his blog, the team decided to talk about a change in the system of traps, including the recycling of Fire Trap, Bear Trap and Lightning Trap. For example, Fire Trap and Lightning Trap no longer have a cooldown, which allows them to be used independently of other traps. In addition, the updated version of the fire trap will allow you to burn your enemies with additional damage and burn the ground under their feet.

The bear trap will impose a debuff on the enemies to increase the damage from other traps and mines, and may itself cause severe damage to the target that has fallen into it. Two of these factors can make it a powerful tool in battles with bosses.

It is worth noting that while all these changes are at the stage of development and testing, so the team is not ready to provide more accurate information, but now such a revamp looks promising.

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Path Of Exile Royale: A New Mode That Surprised All Players Mon, 02 Apr 2018 08:28:03 +0000 pathofexile Continue reading ]]> Did you know that the Grinding Gear Games secretly created a new Path of Exile mode? The premiere of the Path of Exile Royale takes place today! Exciting fights in one powerful arena where 100 players meet are now available and you can fight for the title of champion.

A very interesting solution that will allow players a bit of a break from the daily murdering of monsters. Or maybe the subtitle will gain great popularity and jump on the podium of similar games?

If you don’t already have a Path of Exile account, sign up here.

Run the PC version of Path of Exile and let it download patch 3.2.2 (PATH OF EXILE: ROYALE).

Launch the game, and log in to your account.

Click the Join button on the PATH OF EXILE: ROYALE banner which is displayed to the left of the screen.

Choose a character class and name as normal.

Once in the game, you won’t be able to move until the game starts. Once there are 20 players, there will be 30 additional seconds for players to join (up to maximum of 100) before the game starts.

Games are hosted on servers located at the gateway you logged in on. If there aren’t enough players, try a different gateway.

Once the game starts, the play area will shrink periodically. Stay within the red circle or you’ll die.

The direction to the centre of the safe zone is always displayed at the feet of your character, so keep moving in that direction.

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Path Of Exile Plans A Total Revamp Of Skills Sat, 31 Mar 2018 08:05:30 +0000 pathofexile Continue reading ]]> Have you enjoyed promotions on Diablo 3? In that case, it’s time to go back to the Path of Exile, which is planning something very big for June.

With the next addition, we’ll get a total revamp of some of the skills that the Grinding Gear Games think do not work as they should. It’s all about such games / skills that exist only on paper and which no one uses today. It is in them that the necessary changes will take place so that these gems will go back into circulation and again be used in builds.


For what fun it is, if the Path of Exile has more than 100+ skills, and most people use only 20-30 of them. Senselessness.

Another change that we will see in patch 3.3.0 will be new skill combinations (something like Essence Drain + Contagion), which will unlock completely new styles of fun. Unprecedented so far in the Path of Exile.

A bit vague, but this is only the first in a series of articles. In the following weeks we will learn the exact details of “Skill Revamp”.

However, you must admit that thanks to this treatment the June supplement promises to be even better.

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POE: Which Subclasses Are Popular When Playing Bestiary League Sat, 31 Mar 2018 07:50:56 +0000 pathofexile Continue reading ]]> We got another statistic from the Path of Exile. New Zealanders from Grinding Gear Games boasted about which subclasses are most popular during the Bestiary League (after 70+ lvl, which is the unofficial beginning of the end-game).

The biggest attraction is Juggernaut (Marauder’s sub-player), which is a very strong and very durable tanker that will survive the biggest raid. A lot of people also choose Hierophanta (Templar from Totem and Mana) and Necromancer (Witch subclass), which surrounds dozens of minions.

In turn the fewest people choose … Elementalista (this surprise) and Guardian, which is a typical Support and which does not have great firepower.


The statistics on the 90+ character of the lvl and the characters on the Hardcore league look similar, although the advantage of Juggernaut, Hierophanta and Necromanera over the rest of the rate is even greater.

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Which Computer Is Better For Path of Exile Sat, 31 Mar 2018 07:39:51 +0000 pathofexile Continue reading ]]> Path of Exile is a dark, free MMORPG from the Grinding Gear Games studio. In this hack and slash title, a player banished on the post-apocalyptic and fantastic Wraeclast continent must survive. Performing subsequent quests, he can try other players or explore the inhospitable Path of Exile yourself.

The game world is instantiated, i.e. after leaving the safe city, the game randomly generates terrain. About 5-6 players should visit it. At the beginning of the game, the player has one of six character classes to choose from – the Templar, the witch, the ranger, the marauder, the duelist, the shadow and the scion. Each unit defines strength, intelligence and dexterity.


The creators have quite innovatively approached the character skills tree. Each class shares a common skill tree, which is a huge map consisting of 1350 items. The difference is in the initial place from which character development begins.

In addition, the economy was also treated a little differently. Instead of currency, there are spheres with different powers in the Path of Exile. The game offers a very nice graphic setting and an extensive multiplayer mode. Studio Grinding Gear Games has made the game available for free, but during the game we will meet with micropayments. Below we present the hardware requirements of the game.

Minimum Path of Exile requirements:

System: Windows XP 32 bit
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz or AMD Sempron 3600+
Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce 6600 GT or AMD Radeon HD 3470
RAM memory: 1 GB
Free space: 8 GB

Recommended Path of Exile requirements:

System: Windows XP 32 bit
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4 GHz or AMD Opteron 2218
Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce GT 240 or AMD Radeon HD 2900 Pro
RAM memory: 2 GB
Free space: 8 GB

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Hunt For Cheapest Off Sale Of Path Of Exile Products Wed, 14 Mar 2018 09:12:57 +0000 pathofexile Continue reading ]]> The Path of Exile game, set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast, features a fully no-gold economy. This does not only mean that nearly all equipment, like armor and weapons, in the game are crafted by players from resources gathered by players, but also that every player action in the game has an impact. Thus, players can immerse themselves more in the world and game.


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Path Of Exile Tips Of Explaining About Flask Thu, 08 Mar 2018 07:51:51 +0000 pathofexile Continue reading ]]> path

Potion played an important role in survival, so we want to explain about Flask. Since I often think about setting up Flask a lot, I would like to summarize things as far as I know.

What is a flask?
In many games it is a consumable recovery agent, but in this work Flask plays its role.
Flask is a “bottle” whose contents are replenished each time you defeat an enemy. Wonder technology of the penal colony.
And the effectiveness of the contents will change with Flask. Although it crosses over a wide range.

Types of Flask
Super-roughly speaking, there are two types of “directly recovering / not doing”.

Those that recover directly
Life Flask: I will gradually recover Life.
Mana Flask: Recover Mana gradually.
Hybrid Flask: Recover Life and Mana at the same time, gradually.
It is a so-called recovery agent.
Although Hybrid can recover both in one bite, recovery amount and use frequency are inferior to those of individual one.

Those which do not recover directly
Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Amethist, Bismuth: Improve attribute registry.
Granite, Jade, Quartz, Basalt, Aquamarine: Improve defense system parameters.
Quicksilver, Silver, Diamond: Improve parameters other than defense system.
Stibnite, Sulfur: Extract special fields to the periphery.
It is not a recovery agent but a utility like a doping agent.
A guy who does not drink obviously is included, but let’s not care because it is an exile place.

I think that it is better to put 2 to 3 recovery directly into the Flask frame with 5 slots, and put the utility in the rest.

Regarding recovery amount
In talking about recovery volume, we will introduce one indicator.
Seconds recovery amount (Heal Per Second, HPS).
As you have already seen, Flask is written with recovery amount and duration.
In other words, how much it recovers per second is important.

There are two types of recovery in the exiled site.
Although it recovers only a little, what to recover quickly (small amount and high speed)
Recovery is slow but in total there are a lot of things to recover (lots of slow speed)

Flask recovering directly stops recovery at that point when it recovers to its maximum.
If you introduce a type that recovers quickly when you get slight damage little by little,
It is conceivable that much of the recovery amount is wasted.
On the contrary, if you have only flasks of a relaxed recovery type, when suddenly suffered heavy damage
You will fall into a situation where the return will not make it.
It is necessary to consult with the maximum amount of Life of the character etc and think about what is the best.
(The circumstances around here will also change with the qualifier effect of Flask.

About Flask’s modifier
It is this qualifier group that makes squash convenient and troublesome.
Flask also has Normal and Magic, and qualifiers are attached one by one with prefix and suffix.
(There is no Rare, but there is a Unique Flask with a very twisting effect)

Change amount of recovery. Smaller speed up, or slow down a lot. Including “instant recovery” for speeding up.
Charge relationship. Charge Increase in recovered amount / maximum value and decrease in Charge consumption during use.
Change duration. Instead of increasing the effect time reduction, or vice versa. This is attached to the Flask not recovering.
Grant additional effect. During the Flask effect time, in addition to the original effect, we will give you the improvement of the defense ability and the invalidation of the state abnormality, etc.
Distribution to minions. Part of the effect of Life Flask is shared with your Minion. For summoners.

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Fans Love The New Pokemon Update In Path of Exile Thu, 08 Mar 2018 07:41:40 +0000 pathofexile Continue reading ]]> The new league in Path of Exile allows players to capture, show off and sacrifice monsters. One speaks already of a “Pokemon update.”

The free Action RPG Path of Exile goes into the next round. With the new feature, players are able to capture monsters and sacrifice them for making strong weapons and armor.


Challenge Leagues keep the content fresh

The leagues in Path of Exile represent “worlds” in which a character is on the move. A character can not simultaneously join two different leagues or communicate with characters outside of their own league.

The Bestiary and Hardcore Bestiary League are Challenge Leagues designed to introduce and test new content to the players.

They also freshen up Path of Exile with new items.

Challenge leagues are limited in time and usually take three to four months. In addition, these leagues have special tasks, the Challenges, which can be completed to get more rewards.

After the end of a temporary league, the characters who participated in it are not deleted, but transferred to one of the permanent leagues.

Sacrifices monsters for items

With the Bestiary League, Grinding Gears Games introduces NPC Einhar Frey, who will help players become true hunters. The fishing nets can be purchased from him.

Monsters that can be captured have a specific icon next to their name.

The captured monsters are marked as such in the Bestiarium log and then transported to the menagerie.

There the player has the choice for what he wants to use the beasts, because by sacrificing the monsters on the Blood Altar you get access to the “Beastcrafting”.

This feature allows the player to create new items or modify old ones. Or to compete against the over-elder, if one feels the desire to kill a deity.

In addition to the normal critters, there are also special legendary monsters that have more HP and strength. These are needed for special beastcrafting recipes.

To catch a monster, you need a bit of skill next to a net, because the less HP a monster has, the higher the likelihood that it can be caught quickly.

Grinding Gear is also running a test to see how well monster trading works:

“We want to make sure community trading pages can handle these new items and test them enough when we’re ready to release them for trading.”

The interest of the players was awakened

With the concept of Bestiary League Grinding Gears seems to have hit the nerve of the community.

The launch of the league was, according to their own statement, the most successful launch since the release of the game.

Even queues formed when logging in, albeit none too long.

Further changes in patch 3.2.0

The bestiary and catching monsters are not the only new features that came with the 3.2.0 update.

Grinding Gears also made the following changes:

  • The Ascendancy classes have been completely redesigned to better balance them.
  • Added 30 new Fated items.
  • Added 3 new gems: Summon Spectral Shield, Tectonic Strike, and Phantasm on Kill.
  • Added 10 new divination cards.
  • A new quest made available in Act 10.

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Path Of Exile Charater Progression Overview Fri, 23 Feb 2018 10:02:05 +0000 pathofexile Continue reading ]]> Path of Exile on PC is a Hack’n Slash MMO from Grinding Gear Games. The app offers to engulf you in a post-apocalyptic universe terribly dark and to advance your character, alone or accompanied by a few comrades. Opting for a free-to-play business model, Path of Exile obviously offers items and Boost that can be obtained with real money, however, the game can be fully covered without paying a dime.

There were 6 classes planned at launch before: Templar, Duelist, Shadow, Witch, Marauder, Ranger. However GGG added a 7th class, the Scion, to round out the already staggering amount of variation in class combinations available. Each class starts at its corresponding class node, with the Scion starting in the middle, and uses passive skill points accrued from leveling up and some quests to begin their personal descent into the madness that is creating a viable endgame build. These skills flesh out your character helping you with anything from adding stats, to powerful skills like Blood Magic, which enables you to no longer use mana, instead using your health pool for attacks. This all may seem like too much at first glance but, upon some study, it makes your possibilities endless.

The character progression feels new and rewarding, a feat for an action RPG. The transparency of the sphere-grid allows you to look ahead and plan your progress. The gems level up with you, giving you a constant stream of mini-rewards. In fact, the sphere-grid and skill gems are so enjoyable that it seems unbelievable that no one has added them to an action RPG before.

Characters aren’t awarded skills just from gaining levels; they gain them from socketing skill gems. Weapons and armor will drop with sockets in them. These sockets can be colored blue, red, or green, which correspond with the colors of the skill gems. Skill gems can only be socketed into a slot of their color. The sockets will also be randomly linked to each other on pieces of gear, which allow support gems to modify skill gems. Support gems are gems are gems that, when put into a piece of gear with linked sockets, can augment the original skill. In total there are over 100 skill gems total, with more being added pretty frequently. With end-game armor having up to 6 sockets, there are a vast array of gem combinations.

Path of Exile has a microtransaction store, but the store only contains cosmetic items. (Turning your fireballs into dragon faces, special pets, making your sword glow, etc.) As of writing this review there is not a single purchasable item that would give one an edge in game play; they even resisted selling temporary XP, gold, and magic-find boosting items. The closest it gets is extra room in your stash, but the default stash already comes with a generous amount of space. This is truly free to play without a shred of “pay to win”.

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